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“We’re tiny, we’re tooney, we’re all a little looney…”

Hahaha, I used to love that cartoon.

I wanted to show you guys a little bit of our home. Our little home. Hehehehe. Technically, it’s a motorhome. I still think it’s more of a van. I guess in reality it is a camper-van.

Meet…The Beast.

Really not too much prettying up to be done here. It earned it’s name the day we brought it home…and is the ONLY rig we have ever had to have a moniker, at all. There she is.

Inside, there isn’t much. A couch/bed I have worked on a lot and am quite proud of, even if the job is less than professional:

The Kitchen/whatever area:

Kids’ cab-over bed:

And maybe some other things like storage areas but I am too lazy to organize the pictures right now and wanted this page up. 😀


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