here i am

15 Oct

its been eight months since luella joined our family and i cant believe it has been so long already! Another winter is fast approaching and it seems like just yesterday wewere coming out of one. In the last eight months we redid the interior of the van, went camping, had puppies, found a better home for rue, and at the moment are at the local library using free internet. I have so much to say and so much i want to write here but it is a big jumbled mess! Caelin is in his first official year of homeschool and tristan is right with him. Luella is pulling to stand already and can stand on her own. Bubbles and oopsie are doing well, although they needed wormed….eeeew. we bought a storage for the winter and so it is nice and relatively roomy in here, and so far we have not had a real problem with cold, although i am excited to get nice doors soon. There is a lot of rust damage that needs fixed but we will get there. The brakes went out on us and so we did the whole brake booster master cylender thingy but are doing the calipers and drums and whatever else next, just so we dont have to worry about that failing when we dont expect it. I am learning to cook really good food in here on our one burner and youd be surprised at how simple it is to keep a family our size fed…although i have to saythe campfire was more fun. Washing and drying clothes is a little more tricky…we use familys laundry rooms which is fine but means visits must be cordinated. They are very kind allowing us to do that, saves us some real money. Sometimes i feel like i live in a pantry…i love having a good store of food in here. We are amatur foodies i think hahaha. Tonight i made a delicious mushroom soup. Breakfast was french toast and eggs. Caelin asked if we could have oatmeal with honey tomorrow and i am very happy to oblige. I love food lol… Anyways i hope i will have some stuff to post in the near future and sorry it has taken so long to come back!

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