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My Thoughts on Diet and Breastfeeding

breastfed baby

A cute baby picture for fun. 😀

This started as a facebook update and got REALLY long so I decided it should be a blog post instead. 😛

SOOOO Breastfeeding is incredibly good for moms and babies, and it is important to push through and breastfeed no matter what (coming from a mom who has literally pushed through despite horrid pain, and seen the other side!) Even if your diet is not the greatest, your milk is still good for your baby, plus it is free!!! But I think we are kidding ourselves if we believe our diet and lifestyle makes no significant difference in the quality of our milk.

Our babies our growing at an incredible rate, and their little brains are almost pure fat. Did you know that even as adults 25% of our caloric intake is needed for our brains? Junk food is bad for you and your baby, but don’t let that trick you into thinking FAT is bad for you or baby…we are primed to seek out high fat/high sugar foods for a real reason. Those foods (the natural ones) are incredibly high in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other things that are important for optimal health. Our bodies are tricked into “craving” junk food like french fries and candy bars because they activate the right taste buds but it is tricking our bodies by not providing the nutrients we are actually craving, so we eat more, we gain weight or can’t lose it, and we suffer from disease and malnutrition, all while being “over nourished”.

We need a good diet. High fat, high meat, plenty of brightly colored veggies and fruit. Natural foods, good foods. Lots of water (this is where I fail) to make sure everything is perfect. IF you provide the right ingredients, your body will make PERFECT food for your little ones. Research diet and breastfeeding, and pregnancy. Don’t just scratch the surface. Dig deep. If you truly can’t afford to buy healthy foods learn to gather part of your diet from the land around you, spend what money you have on higher quality foods, and fill in if you need to with something good like squash or potatoes. Your milk will look thick and creamy and your baby will be fat and healthy….did you ever wonder why post menopausal women and babies are naturally plump? It’s because they are at higher risk for becoming sicker, quicker. That layer of fat protects them to a certain extent against starving to death in the event of a serious illness. YOU have the choice of what foods you put into your body, if you will supply your body with better fuel or not.

This commitment and dedication will really make a difference as your family grows in the health you see in your children. It will also make a difference in your own health and vitality and will support healthy practices on earth. We are charged with being keepers of this earth and were given everything we need to be healthy and strong if we choose to avail ourselves of the bounty around us.

Of course diet is only one piece of the puzzle but it is such a HUGE piece that I think we are doing a disservice to ourselves and our children by discounting the massive impact diet can have on our health and well-being. YOU are in control of this, YOU can change it, YOU can make this huge difference in your life. Every little bit counts and every change you make gets you one step closer to your goal. Nobody is perfect…don’t let the guarantee of imperfection scare you away from striving towards a worthy goal!

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Using a Receiving Blanket as a Diaper





Lay out your receiving blanket


Fold it into thirds



Fold one end over to fit under your baby to the front



baby’s bottom goes over one end, fold (or roll) the edges inward



Bring the top over your baby and spread out the top edges




Pin it and you are done!

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