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Life…sweet and slow

There has to be something magical about babies. Somehow having one seems to simultaneously slow down and speed up time. I have been spending my time in a deliriously lovely fog lately, watching my newborn grow into a fat little baby is so much fun!

The cat got worms so we treated her, and are talking about worming Bubbles just for the heck of it. Did you know you can actually get worms from your animals, and usually you can’t tell when they have them?! EEEW….Rue is in love with my husband. She was “the kids” kitten, but of course became mine, with my crazy pregnant hormones needing to snuggle something small and soft, lol. Now that I have my own baby, she is not getting the hours-long petting sessions she like in the evening and has decided that Scott shall give them to her. He (although grumping quite a bit about it) has very sweetly obliged her, and I forsee a strong love bond growing between them. 😀 See, my guy swears up and down that he doesn’t like cats much, but every time we have a cat around they prefer him, and he lets them sit and snuggle almost whenever they want, hahahah

The boys are swell, although I have to say I was not expecting Tristan (little guy) to be as sweet and tender with the new baby as he is. My older guy is pretty disinterested, which is also surprising to me…I had them pegged the other way around, thinking it was pretty likely that Tristan might actually get jealous of his baby sibling.

I am in the middle of sewing a woven wrap and just got my machine back, so I may end up selling some to see if I could fund some of my extra-curricular interests with them. Not super sure what price or what Id call them yet, since the idea is pretty new but it seems to me that it would be a venture I could do, for a reasonable start up price (I bought fabric to make one for myself and will be making another out of the excess and selling it, hopefully at least recouping the price I spent on the fabric….maybe making a little extra. Of course I come up with ideas like this all the time, but then get bored with the thought or can’t part with what I make (my kids, for instance, love my toys so much I have not yet gotten up the gumption to list any).

Speaking of making things, did you know that acrylic yarn actually makes decent diaper covers?! I have wool and love it, but other people seem to love helping me out with washing, so $40 worth of wool (at least) was destroyed soon after Luella came along. Acrylic yarn is washable, although it doesn’t absorb…which means if I have 12 or so I can change them and they can be washed and dried!!! Food for thought, I guess. I wouldn’t say it works other than I have tried it and so I know it does. 😀

Oh, so little miss is also a rash-girl in disposables. Fun fun. 😀 Good thing I prefer cloth, right?

It is getting interesting in here planning the redo. We had the thought that we might do it as we gathered the supplies, but then realized we would be spending time with nothing but beds and floors done for awhile if we went that route…so we are getting the stuff together and planning on doing some the very beginning of summer, hopefully pulling out in June. I am so excited. Life is crazy and unpredictable, but it really feels calmer lately. Sometimes it takes a bit of struggle to really see the truth of life, I think.

Oh, I have been enabling comments again. Feel free to comment, but please keep it nice. I mean really nice. 🙂 No one likes to be talked down to, and I do not talk down to other people so let’s stay nice here, kay?


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