Do I Smell a Cat?

17 Jan

One thing I hate about cats is their smell. Normally, it seems like people (especially in my income bracket) who own a cat tend to SMELL like they own one. We have never had an indoor cat because of this, and always taught our kittens to “go” outside. I didn’t want to deal with the smell of a litterbox.

My four year old was broken-hearted when we found our big tomcat a new owner when we moved away, and he had been bugging us for a new cat ever since…it just never worked out. When we parked here, the people we are renting from had a big pregnant momma cat. It worked out so that we got to witness the birth, which is something Caelin has always wanted to see but not been able to, yet. On birthday, I checked kittens and guessed three were queens and one (a pretty orange) was a tom, and I talked to Scott about possibly getting one.

it has to be a queen, and she has to get spayed.
if it smells like a cat in here, she is gone.
and if I get this cat and follow the above rules, we get to keep her (that was my rule…I did NOT want to get attatched again to be asked to get rid of my pet)

And so I picked out Rue.

425587_292010957571282_344509826_nIn this picture she was five weeks old.

She’s almost six months old, now.
She’s crazy. She’s funny. She’s vicious.

We love her so much. And guess what?

I don’t smell a cat. 🙂 Her litter box is easy to maintain and has been the least of the issues we have had. She was badly hurt the day after this photo was taken, and I was scared she wouldn’t make it, afterwards she had a problem with using the litter box for a while. That’s resolved now and she is healthy and never misses her box.

She’s my baby buddy now. 🙂

Photo-0292 Photo-0307

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