Belated Birthday–Bubbles!!

15 Jan

On January the first, 2013, Bubbles the pooch turned two years old! I had planned on commemorating it on here, but like so many projects and plans, it was forgotten in lieu of incredibly important things like updating my FaceBook status. Anyways, she is only a dog, so I suppose she will forgive me. 🙂

bubbleMy first ever glimpse of a puppy I picked from a picture. 🙂


stuff 020
o shy and so little, She melted my heart and infuriated me all at the same time. This was not the puppy I had envisioned, but I was willing to work with her.


1a 012As she grew, Bubbles began to open up and become the sort of dog I liked, friendly, silly. Kinda cute in her ugly teenager-ness.

576507_227003700738675_100002871411347_367476_1605559564_nFinally, she grew into herself adn her proportions evened out. THAT was a relief. I was a ittle afraid she’d look like batman her whole life!


y gorgeous girl.



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