12 Jan




The last few days have been really slow. Not much doing of anything, online or otherwise. Late pregnancy insomnia has kicked in full gear and I find myself waking every night for a few hours restless and antsy…which leaves me pretty tired during the day. I am big and heavy and as my day draws nearer I find myself counting contractions and wondering at all the little signs.

The boys are on a high fat diet, and that is interesting to learn to cook. Of course, my palate is very pleased…I am worried I may gain too much. I don’t need it, even the little one doesn’t need it, really. Just my oldest boy.

But mostly I am tired, and not doing too much, just relaxing and getting ready for the little one to arrive. I will try to post more.

I have to admit to looking at tent stove options for wood heating in here. 🙂 Yes, I know it’s silly and Probably won’t happen anyways, but it does sound kinda cool. I just don’t know if it can be done safely in a place with little kids as active as mine.

Which leads me to…if my kids are soooo active that EVERYONE comments on it, what are “normal” kids like?! I can’t even imagine how lazy I might see other people’s kids if mine are so out of the realm of normal. I guess I like “hyper”…or maybe am just used to it.
Anyways, back to wood stoves  I really like the idea of a tiny marine stove, but then I couldn’t take it out in the summer to cook with, which is something I like about tent stoves, but tent stoves are not really built tough. Anyways, and marine stoves are SOOOOO expensive. But pretty. Oh, so pretty.

I am working on my first hand-made quilts… and they look like it, lol. I really wish I had my ironing board and iron. Anyways, off to finish dinner and grub down, lol. Nummy nummies!


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