Trying to get in the habit…

12 Dec

… of blogging more often. I have a list of drafts that just need to be finished and put up, but there is so much going on (haha, yeah right!) I always forget to get on here, or when I do, I get distracted and decide to come back and finish “later” which we all know is super effective at actually getting things done, right? LOL.

Lately, I have been doing  a lot of reorganizing and culling out things, and thinking up new projects. For instance, I am in the process of gathering free, old pillows for a pillow-mattress project I saw on Pintrest, hahaha. I need about 16 total, and I know one person says they have at least 6 for me, if I can get them. I repainted my floor, built an idea tree, and began putting together my birth kit. I moved things around on the walls so that everything is still there but not really where it’s cluttering up the visual space, and came up with some new super-cool ideas for hidden storage, lol.

My goal is that very shortly, I will be able to drive off from any given location with less than a half-hour’s notice. Right now it takes a lot longer than that because things are set up poorly, we have too much stuff, and so lots of things end up on the floor, whether we put them there or they FALL there en route. I also want things culled to the point of being able to keep the “in sight”space reasonably clear. I have great ideas for what to do with the space when we have the green to do it, but that could be a while in the future and I refuse to leave things be until then, hahaha.

Anyways, you can totally expect a good chunk of blog posts in the next couple of days, I think, probably (but hopefully not) followed by another hiatus.

And for your viewing pleasure: taken this past summer, the two cutest kids in the world, hydrating. 😀 That in the background was our old house, hahaha.


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