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17 Nov

I have ALWAYS wanted to have framed photos hanging up of our family. I love taking pictures, and have some decent pictures in different places of the kids and such, but never got them printed off, never had frames, whatever. Early this summer we went in as a family to Walmart and had our pictures done. I was happy for the most part, but will never do it again if I have the choice. I didn’t get all the pakage pieces that I paid for (I am sure they would have at least attempted to right this had I complained, but I am not a complainer) and I ended up having to stress over payments for MONTHS. I am not a payment person. I like to buy something, or not.

Anyways, in our package, we got two framed collages, among other things. The piece that was missing was sadly the part I wanted most, the CD…but clearly it wasn’t that big of a deal for me. And I LOVE the collages.

Yesterday I decided to hang them up. They have been hiding, put away for fear of damage, and actually got slightly water-damaged because of it. I was reminded of the sermon where Jesus is talking about moths and rust and theives and hiding away treasures on earth, and realized the money really was wasted if I won’t even hang the pictures up to enjoy. 🙂


So here is my new wall. 🙂 I love this so much it is ridiculous, and while I was afraid of them getting constantly knocked down, so far I have not had a problem. I get to enjoy the lovely photos and the awkwardly blank wall has something nice on it. 😀 And I know the kids will adore it!

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