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16 Nov

So I spent a couple weeks at a couple different places. I spent a week-ish at a farm, and ended up leaving because the guy who ran the place and I had different ideas of what “rent” meant. When it became clear to him that we had not moved there so I could have an extramarital affair with him, he told me I would have to move on. LOL. I was happy to comply.

After that, I spent around a week at a local Winco. THAT was fun! I loved having stores right there for me to browse in. 😀 There was the biggest Dollar Tree I have ever seen, and of course Winco, which meant a wonderful, cheap source of food and entertainment, and a variety of other stores to walk through.

Of course, it was also rainy and cold and I had bronchitis (like the rest of everyone in the area, lol) so I didn’t get out as much as I would have liked to, but it was nice. 😀 No one bothered us, and I had my nice little propane furnace and an oven and stove, and my late Gramma’s big fluffy down comforter that she gave us before she passed away.

Then some sleight of hand was pulled and I am back where I was originally, LOL. Which is nice in some ways…I have electricity now, and internet access. Of course, I miss being right outside the store, and the weather has been nice, so it’s harder to remember that I don’t like the rain, hahaha.

Anyways, I am 29 weeks pregnant now!!! Woohoo! Time is counting down fast, faster than in any other pregnancy, and I am getting impatient to meet the baby. I’ve been going through the gender-neutral clothing we have, and realize all we really need to get are socks and onsies, such a blessing! I have no clue what we are expecting, not at all. Thankfully, I truly have no preference, either would be awesome. Caelin swears it’s a boy, Tristan swears it’s a girl. Both boys have been firm on their positions since I told them a baby was coming, so we will see. 😛

I have to say, this is my easiest pregnancy so far. I have gained a little more than I would like to, but really within healthy range. No swelling at all, no dizzies, and all my morning sickness was over by around four months…way earlier than the others! The little ones are really impressed with how big the baby is getting, and say it will be as big as daddy when it is born. LOL I hope not!

Anyways, I hope to do a few more posts in the near future, and to flesh out the pages I began, with pictures and such. 🙂

Just wanted to update y’all!

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