New Bloggish

22 Oct

Hang in there while I redo my entire blog, excepting the address. LOL. I didn’t like how it was going, and the focus was getting too much on whether or not I really like living like this. 🙂

Of course I do. 🙂 Otherwise I would be living in an apartment or a tent or something. 😀 To argue about that is foolish. There are so many fun things we do around here that it seems so silly for me to spend time arguing about my motives and heart desires on here…that is what Facebook is for! (Just kidding, haha…I try to keep “friends” that disagree with me there to a minimum)

My “new” blog space is to document our adventure, the adventure of raising babies, being a mommy, turning the camper-van into a work of tiny-living art and really making a great quality of life in here. 😀 Yeah, it’s not “perfect”, But I think it is pretty fun and I’d like to share it.

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