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House Plants?

I know many people love having plants around…I know I do! But living in extremely tight quarters means that everything has to be productive, everything needs a purpose. And everything has to be As Small As Possible!

Enter: The Vertical Herb Garden.

These are some great starting points for inspiration. 🙂 When I get mine going I will post pictures, but that may be a few months into the future! I love the idea of herb gardens, especially hanging ones, because they give us a great bang for our buck…tons of impact. Not only do we have to buy fewer kitchen herbs to store somewhere, but we get the joy of a small garden right inside with us, and the visual  combinations are endless! It’s art, a houseplant, and food all rolled into one wonderful little item. 😀

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Heating Options for Vandwelling

A fact of life in a van is that whatever the temperature outside, inside is not going to be much different without help. Well, except in the summer, I guess. Then maybe it’s hotter…but we really had no problems in the Beast (our last van we DID have problems, it had no extended roof and had windows that didn’t like to be opened, but we aren’t talking about staying cool, eh?)

Heating options definitely depend on where you are living and how mobile you need to be. Parked in a driveway with access to an extension cord, for instance, maybe your best option is going to be a small electric heater, like this:

I googled “tiny space heaters” and came up with loads of options at many different price points, and there is always your local thrift store if you are tight on money. This is how we have been heating lately, but if I am honest we really haven’t needed too, it’s been a convenience to be able to stay hot, lol.

Another option is a propane furnace, which we have in the van. We haven’t really used it, but the option is there, and will allow us to heat ourselves away from electricity.  It works well, we just haven’t used it. I am thinking this coming month I am going to do an experiment to see how much propane it takes to heat us and cook all our food. So far only a few gallons have lasted us three months.

Probably my favorite idea for heating is the tiny wood stove, though! This would let us live over winter (provided we had food) in the mountains and not have to worry over-much. I like this one:

Again, I googled “tiny wood stoves” and came up with a plethora of options. 🙂 The one above was less than $200. And you can cook on it. 😀

Of course there are other options, and you would need to take ventilation and other safety aspects into consideration, but I think treating the small camper-van like a boat would be a good option, perhaps.

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Couch/Bed Redo!!!






The original, bare couch area, minus the nasty cushions it came with. 🙂 There had been mice and bugs living as the sole residents when we bought The Beast…and I was pretty sure the cushions were giving me breathing problems. We agreed to take them out…but that left the problem of what to sleep on. I am one tough cookie, so I just laid a blanket down for padding for a couple of months, and Scott chose to use the floor, but it was a really poor solution to our problem. For one, it separated the marital bed. Not good. For another, as my baby grows I find myself needing a bit more cushion to stay comfy at night. 😀

Thus….this project!


We were given some new carpet remnants for free and I thought it would be perfect to line the wood with. We normally sleep on a carpeted floor, even when we have a bed. 😀 I have no idea why, lol. So I assumed this would be a huge improvement. Here are my tools:     (at some point I found a razor-blade holder-thingy which my sore fingers thanked me for! lol)


My super-cute sidekick, Rue:



I of course cut to size. 😀


Here, you can see the lip where the two layers show at the back of the couch area…it pulls out into a four-foot wide bed. I cut the top piece of carpet a little bit wider than the wood so as to have a bit of over-lay when the bed is put out. That has helped incomfort at night. 😀


Someone woke up to play!!!



At some point I looked over and saw someone else watching me. 🙂 This is the overweight cat hilariously named “Baby Girl”. She is really pretty, but pretty shy, so I don’t get to see her often.


I also cut out some small squares for some kind of decorative back, and to help pillows stay where they go in the daytime, but I am not sure how I want to bind the edges yet so they are not up. 🙂


And the boys showing off the new digs. A unanimous vote says it is MUCH more comfy and a job very well done! And my hips and back feel so much better! 😀


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New Bloggish

Hang in there while I redo my entire blog, excepting the address. LOL. I didn’t like how it was going, and the focus was getting too much on whether or not I really like living like this. 🙂

Of course I do. 🙂 Otherwise I would be living in an apartment or a tent or something. 😀 To argue about that is foolish. There are so many fun things we do around here that it seems so silly for me to spend time arguing about my motives and heart desires on here…that is what Facebook is for! (Just kidding, haha…I try to keep “friends” that disagree with me there to a minimum)

My “new” blog space is to document our adventure, the adventure of raising babies, being a mommy, turning the camper-van into a work of tiny-living art and really making a great quality of life in here. 😀 Yeah, it’s not “perfect”, But I think it is pretty fun and I’d like to share it.

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