today….beauty in simple things

Today we spent at the park, and it was my favorite sort of day. The trees are ablaze with color and it was sunny and warm. The boys and Scott took the dogs out to play, I spent time cleaning and cooking and made myself a new jean pillow out of a pair of pants my gramma made. Breakfast was fruit and kefir, lunch was homemade mac’n’cheese and dinner was corned beef hash with green beans and corn. The boys had fun throwing leaves at eachother and making campsites in the park. It was beautiful. I even got pictures but can’t post them from the tablet. Tomorrow we are visiting the library to see about getting caelin his very own library card and visiting the local children’s museum. We stay very busy around here! I even was able to introduce the boys to a few new songs they seemed to enjoy. Life is full of fun if only a person takes the time to live it.

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here i am

its been eight months since luella joined our family and i cant believe it has been so long already! Another winter is fast approaching and it seems like just yesterday wewere coming out of one. In the last eight months we redid the interior of the van, went camping, had puppies, found a better home for rue, and at the moment are at the local library using free internet. I have so much to say and so much i want to write here but it is a big jumbled mess! Caelin is in his first official year of homeschool and tristan is right with him. Luella is pulling to stand already and can stand on her own. Bubbles and oopsie are doing well, although they needed wormed….eeeew. we bought a storage for the winter and so it is nice and relatively roomy in here, and so far we have not had a real problem with cold, although i am excited to get nice doors soon. There is a lot of rust damage that needs fixed but we will get there. The brakes went out on us and so we did the whole brake booster master cylender thingy but are doing the calipers and drums and whatever else next, just so we dont have to worry about that failing when we dont expect it. I am learning to cook really good food in here on our one burner and youd be surprised at how simple it is to keep a family our size fed…although i have to saythe campfire was more fun. Washing and drying clothes is a little more tricky…we use familys laundry rooms which is fine but means visits must be cordinated. They are very kind allowing us to do that, saves us some real money. Sometimes i feel like i live in a pantry…i love having a good store of food in here. We are amatur foodies i think hahaha. Tonight i made a delicious mushroom soup. Breakfast was french toast and eggs. Caelin asked if we could have oatmeal with honey tomorrow and i am very happy to oblige. I love food lol… Anyways i hope i will have some stuff to post in the near future and sorry it has taken so long to come back!

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My Thoughts on Diet and Breastfeeding

breastfed baby

A cute baby picture for fun. 😀

This started as a facebook update and got REALLY long so I decided it should be a blog post instead. 😛

SOOOO Breastfeeding is incredibly good for moms and babies, and it is important to push through and breastfeed no matter what (coming from a mom who has literally pushed through despite horrid pain, and seen the other side!) Even if your diet is not the greatest, your milk is still good for your baby, plus it is free!!! But I think we are kidding ourselves if we believe our diet and lifestyle makes no significant difference in the quality of our milk.

Our babies our growing at an incredible rate, and their little brains are almost pure fat. Did you know that even as adults 25% of our caloric intake is needed for our brains? Junk food is bad for you and your baby, but don’t let that trick you into thinking FAT is bad for you or baby…we are primed to seek out high fat/high sugar foods for a real reason. Those foods (the natural ones) are incredibly high in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other things that are important for optimal health. Our bodies are tricked into “craving” junk food like french fries and candy bars because they activate the right taste buds but it is tricking our bodies by not providing the nutrients we are actually craving, so we eat more, we gain weight or can’t lose it, and we suffer from disease and malnutrition, all while being “over nourished”.

We need a good diet. High fat, high meat, plenty of brightly colored veggies and fruit. Natural foods, good foods. Lots of water (this is where I fail) to make sure everything is perfect. IF you provide the right ingredients, your body will make PERFECT food for your little ones. Research diet and breastfeeding, and pregnancy. Don’t just scratch the surface. Dig deep. If you truly can’t afford to buy healthy foods learn to gather part of your diet from the land around you, spend what money you have on higher quality foods, and fill in if you need to with something good like squash or potatoes. Your milk will look thick and creamy and your baby will be fat and healthy….did you ever wonder why post menopausal women and babies are naturally plump? It’s because they are at higher risk for becoming sicker, quicker. That layer of fat protects them to a certain extent against starving to death in the event of a serious illness. YOU have the choice of what foods you put into your body, if you will supply your body with better fuel or not.

This commitment and dedication will really make a difference as your family grows in the health you see in your children. It will also make a difference in your own health and vitality and will support healthy practices on earth. We are charged with being keepers of this earth and were given everything we need to be healthy and strong if we choose to avail ourselves of the bounty around us.

Of course diet is only one piece of the puzzle but it is such a HUGE piece that I think we are doing a disservice to ourselves and our children by discounting the massive impact diet can have on our health and well-being. YOU are in control of this, YOU can change it, YOU can make this huge difference in your life. Every little bit counts and every change you make gets you one step closer to your goal. Nobody is perfect…don’t let the guarantee of imperfection scare you away from striving towards a worthy goal!

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Using a Receiving Blanket as a Diaper





Lay out your receiving blanket


Fold it into thirds



Fold one end over to fit under your baby to the front



baby’s bottom goes over one end, fold (or roll) the edges inward



Bring the top over your baby and spread out the top edges




Pin it and you are done!

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Neglected my blog lately. lol

So here I am right now, remembering I have not been on here in forever. We had all sorts of plans and I have a lot of potential blogs rattling around in my brain but we have been busy elsewhere. 😛

We moved into a room in a house for a few different reasons but hope to be escaping the city in early July…Yay! We will be camping and will not have a ton of time on the web but I will be posting here more then and hopefully before then, too. I have been keeping myself busy by starting a little business and trying to sell some stuff at .

Also making some custom blankets/quilts to go in our van when we move back in. 😀

See you all soon hopefully!

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Life…sweet and slow

There has to be something magical about babies. Somehow having one seems to simultaneously slow down and speed up time. I have been spending my time in a deliriously lovely fog lately, watching my newborn grow into a fat little baby is so much fun!

The cat got worms so we treated her, and are talking about worming Bubbles just for the heck of it. Did you know you can actually get worms from your animals, and usually you can’t tell when they have them?! EEEW….Rue is in love with my husband. She was “the kids” kitten, but of course became mine, with my crazy pregnant hormones needing to snuggle something small and soft, lol. Now that I have my own baby, she is not getting the hours-long petting sessions she like in the evening and has decided that Scott shall give them to her. He (although grumping quite a bit about it) has very sweetly obliged her, and I forsee a strong love bond growing between them. 😀 See, my guy swears up and down that he doesn’t like cats much, but every time we have a cat around they prefer him, and he lets them sit and snuggle almost whenever they want, hahahah

The boys are swell, although I have to say I was not expecting Tristan (little guy) to be as sweet and tender with the new baby as he is. My older guy is pretty disinterested, which is also surprising to me…I had them pegged the other way around, thinking it was pretty likely that Tristan might actually get jealous of his baby sibling.

I am in the middle of sewing a woven wrap and just got my machine back, so I may end up selling some to see if I could fund some of my extra-curricular interests with them. Not super sure what price or what Id call them yet, since the idea is pretty new but it seems to me that it would be a venture I could do, for a reasonable start up price (I bought fabric to make one for myself and will be making another out of the excess and selling it, hopefully at least recouping the price I spent on the fabric….maybe making a little extra. Of course I come up with ideas like this all the time, but then get bored with the thought or can’t part with what I make (my kids, for instance, love my toys so much I have not yet gotten up the gumption to list any).

Speaking of making things, did you know that acrylic yarn actually makes decent diaper covers?! I have wool and love it, but other people seem to love helping me out with washing, so $40 worth of wool (at least) was destroyed soon after Luella came along. Acrylic yarn is washable, although it doesn’t absorb…which means if I have 12 or so I can change them and they can be washed and dried!!! Food for thought, I guess. I wouldn’t say it works other than I have tried it and so I know it does. 😀

Oh, so little miss is also a rash-girl in disposables. Fun fun. 😀 Good thing I prefer cloth, right?

It is getting interesting in here planning the redo. We had the thought that we might do it as we gathered the supplies, but then realized we would be spending time with nothing but beds and floors done for awhile if we went that route…so we are getting the stuff together and planning on doing some the very beginning of summer, hopefully pulling out in June. I am so excited. Life is crazy and unpredictable, but it really feels calmer lately. Sometimes it takes a bit of struggle to really see the truth of life, I think.

Oh, I have been enabling comments again. Feel free to comment, but please keep it nice. I mean really nice. 🙂 No one likes to be talked down to, and I do not talk down to other people so let’s stay nice here, kay?


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Introducing: Scott!

So my husband has expressed an interest in contributing to the blog, and has been made administrator. I am super excited for this and am interested in what he has to share and say.

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